Melanie Brockmeier-Jordy, Founder

          In September of 2012, Melanie Brockmeier-Jordy’s husband, Leon Brockmeier died suddenly in her arms after a boating accident. Melanie suddenly found herself a widow at the young age of 31. She was also a mom to her two sons with Leon: Brodie (then 5) and Carson (then 3). On the morning of his funeral, Melanie discovered she was pregnant with their 3rd child (Noah- whose name means “comfort”). Melanie was surrounded with an incredible support system, which provided her hope in the face of tragedy. Following Leon’s death, Melanie promised that he his death would not be in vain, and she would find a way to honor his life and to help provide others with hope. Operation Lotus is just that- her way of using their tragedy to inspire the lives of others. The mission of Operation Lotus is "restoring hope to those experiencing tragedy."

          Operation Lotus became an official organization on September 30th, 2014. It was only fitting that a month associated with his passing marked the birth of something new. Melanie’s friends and family members helped form the original Board of Directors. A nonprofit attorney offered her services pro-bono to help Melanie establish her organization. Melanie, also used money from a GoFundMe used to raise funds for her late husband’s funeral, as well as money from a medical malpractice settlement to jumpstart Operation Lotus.


          Whenever a family is referred to Operation establishing a trusting relationship with the family is of the upmost importance. Melanie truly feels that as an organization we need to understand the trauma the family is facing, and what they specifically need during their crisis to relieve a little stress and provide hope. Operation Lotus’ goal is that through our work of understanding, compassion, kindness and assistance, that even in their darkest of days, families can see a little bit of light through our work and families realize that they are never alone.

          Melanie was blessed to meet David Jordy and start Chapter 2. They married in October 2016 and became a family of 6 along with David's daughter Taylor. They continue to honor Leon's memory though Operation Lotus and while living and loving each other to the fullest every day.